• Cleaning natural stone
    (e.g. granite, sandstone)
  • Cleaning clinker brick
  • Removal of graffiti
Vacuum blasting
Vacuum blasting
Stone cleaning

The selection of the right process is prerequisite for the preservation of valuable stonework.
Sandstone on facades and in vaults is therefore cleaned by low-pressure blasting, harder granite on facades and in stairwells with the appropriate measurement of sand or vacuum blasting (primarily in living areas).
Clinker bricks of different hardness on facades, bridges etc. also with low-pressure blasting which can be appropriately gauged.

The cleaning/repair procedure:
  1. Removal of fats, oils and organic or inorganic atmospheric deposits from the stone using a suitable cleansing process. Where additional cleansing substances are required, these are ecofriendly and biodegradable
  2. Environmentally compatible draining of the cleansing water (neutralisation) in conformance with the local waste water regulations
  3. If necessary the damaged/weathered stone parts are re-profiled or replaced. Damaged, torn or crumbly pointing is also removed and the wall re-pointed.
  4. Application of a coat of transparent hydrophobic agent to protect the stone.
Clinker brickwork
Clinker brickwork
Removal of graffiti
  • on and in buildings
  • on bridges
  • on industrial plants . . .

The repair procedure:

  1. Removal of graffiti by applying a highly effective, biodegradable concentrate
  2. Post-cleansing with low-pressure water jet
  3. Application of a paint resistant coating to protect against any further spoilage
Brick wall
Brick wall