• Bridges
  • Crane Systems
  • Towers
  • Wagons
  • Containers
  • Tanks (inside and outside)
  • Chemical and drinking water plants
  • Contracting for sandblasting in production processes
  • Small parts, pipes, profiles, grids, gates, fences . . .
Europe’s only cast iron observation tower
Steel and corrosion protection work on Europe’s only cast iron observation tower


Blasting process

The following technologies can be employed – always „tailor-made“ for the job in hand
  • Conventional sandblasting
    (blasting with fixed blasting medium)
  • dust-free shot blasting
  • Dust-free vacuum blasting
  • Inside pipe blasting
Removing the old coats
Blasting media
We only use blasting media where there is no
danger of silicosis.
These are
  • Mineral, synthetic blasting media
  • Glass beads
  • Steel shot
Application of various
coating systems
One or two-component coating systems are applied which are made by well-known manufacturers, and which meet the highest demands for quality. The application of the coating material to large areas is achieved using modern, high-performance airless spraying systems. We also undertake special coating work in drinking water plants, steel constructions in contact with water, in tank systems and steel bridges. Everything of course with the required certification.

Modern technology
Mobile silenced compressors of various sizes generate the oil and water free compressed air needed for blasting. The blasting equipment and coating thickness are constantly monitored using modern measurement methods.
And as far as environmental protection is concerned: if necessary the whole building site can be covered in and the exhausted air extracted and cleaned.

Corrosion protection and coloration in a waterworks