Floor restoration
  • in storage and sales halls
  • in factory buildings and industrial workshops
  • in multi-storey car parks and cellars
  • in laundries and laboratories
  • at airfields etc.

The repair procedure:

  1. Careful examination of the underground for hollow layers and rising damp
  2. Professional preparation of the underground using dust-free shot blasting and cutting
  3. Laying of SCHUCH industrial flooring to customer specifications, either high-load, non-slip, acid-resistant etc.
  4. Insertion of joins which are acid-resistant or withstand high stress
Removal of concrete sludge
Removal of concrete sludge using the shot blasting procedure
Concrete repair
  • on bridges
  • on towers, chimneys
  • on and in buildings
  • on balconies, loggias
  • on foundations, concrete plinths . . .

The repair procedure:

  1. Thorough analysis of the damage as prerequisite for successful repair
  2. Treatment of the underground (vacuum blasting, sandblasting)
  3. Carrying out any necessary crack injections

Extensive concrete repair using proven materials ensure the re-profiling and protection of reinforcements and concrete.

With this kind of damage don’t scratch your head. . .
. . . call in the specialist.
Water protection coatings
  • in tank stores
  • in chemical plants
  • in transformer stations
  • in sewage works, agricultural systems . . .

The repair procedure:

  1. Selection of the appropriate water protection system
  2. Treatment of the underground
  3. Application of the certified water protection system
storage room for chem. substances
Water protection coating in a storage room for chemical substances